4chord MIDI

Musical Details

4chord MIDI board

Playback keys

4chord MIDI provides playback in any chosen key. At this point, the pitch is however hard coded. The long-term goal is to make this user-definable, but at this point the following chords are used with each key:

Key I V vi IV
C C3 G2 A2 F2
C# C#3 G#2 Bb2 F#2
D D3 A2 B2 G2
D# D#3 Bb2 C3 G#2
E E3 B2 C#3 A2
F F3 C3 D3 Bb2
F# F#3 C#3 D#3 B2
G G2 D3 E3 C3
G# G#2 D#3 F3 C#3
A A2 E3 F#3 D3
Bb Bb2 F2 G2 D#2
B B2 F#2 G#2 E2

Playback tempo

The playback tempo can be selected in single steps from 30bpm to 240bpm. Future plans will include a list of pre-defined playback tempos.

Playback tempo affects all the arpeggio playback modes. Currently playback is only in 4/4 bar with quarter notes only.

Playback modes

There are currently five playback modes implemented. This will also be extended at some point and offer more flexible, user definable modes.

Mode first second third fourth
1 - - - -
2 1-3-5 triad third fifth third
3 1-3-5 triad third fifth octave
4 root third fifth third
5 root third fifth octave

Depending on the chord, the third is naturally either the major (I, V, IV) or the minor (vi) third.